PEEQ – Australia’s next job opportunity website

Helping motivated individuals achieve their peak through valued professional connections thatinspire a new height of possibility. A new personal peak.

PEEQ Job Search Engine

PEEQ is Australia’s newest job opportunity website that provides opportunities for motivated people who are searching for a job, to connect with passionate businesses who are offering unique placement opportunities in Australia.

The innovative technology of PEEQ is changing the way people achieve their professional peak and is leading the market into a new era of job searching.

The PEEQ Video Resume and Interactive Job Board provide a platform for people looking for a job to build their personal brand, engage with future employers, find positions suited to yourself and give you the best opportunity to stand out, be noticed and succeed in the competitive employment market.

PEEQ also offers employers an interactive approach to recruitment, giving them the freedom to pre-screen suitable candidates and the opportunity to personally connect to their potential personal at almost any time and at any location around the world.

PEEQ encourages and supports innovation in people and in technology and we are committed to helping motivated individuals achieve their professional peak through these valued professional connections.

PEEQ Education

PEEQ Education is one of our new services that delivers remote, professional structured learning platforms, that can be ran from anywhere in the world. The online platform provides students with a qualified English teacher that can prepare pre-university students for their graduate degree, as well as offering courses that suit older adults to improve their communication skills with English learning. We also offer a diverse range of courses in I.T, finance administration and much more.

Our platform uses the latest technology that offers a concise, stable, virtual, classroom where all students can interact with the teacher and each other, for the duration of the entire course curriculum for optimum learning outcomes.

Using the IELTS and TOFEL test preparation courses, our range of online IT courses are designed to provide students with the best possible learning outcomes.

The knowledge, skills, and certificates that our students gain from taking any of the PEEQ Education courses will enable them to achieve successful and rewarding careers.

What’s online learning?

In regards to online learning, the model has been fairly clear-cut – up until the early 2000s instruction was in a classroom of pupils using a teacher who directed the procedure. Physical presence was a no-brainer, and any different form of learning was questionable at best. Subsequently, the internet occurred, as well as the remainder is history. Online learning is a fast growing business, the effects of which we can trace back to the 1980s.

Now that affordable online learning options exist for both computers as well as the internet, it merely requires a great online learning instrument for instruction to be eased from almost everywhere. Technology has really improved so much the geographic difference is bridged with the utilization of tools which make you feel like you’re inside the classroom. The online classroom provides the capacity to share stuff in a variety of formats including videos, slideshows, word docs, and PDFs. Running webinars (live on-line courses) and communicating with professors via chat and message forums is, in addition, an alternative available to users.

Total, conventional learning is expensive, takes quite a while as well as the outcomes can change. The significance of online learning is currently a given fact and it might offer an option that’s considerably faster, more affordable and possibly better learning experience.

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