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PEEQ is led by an experienced, creative and eclectic group of medical professionals, business people, designers and engineers who are focused on creating and providing products that are unique by design and most of all offer a unique and wholesome experience for our customers.

Membership is free to join for both Candidates and Employers. For more information on membership services see our website

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PEEQ HR Australia


PEEQ HR is uniquely designed to support employers and job seekers seeking great fit PEEQ HR offersthe tools and environment for members to assess jobs and interact with Employers using the latest technology. Our integrated Video Interview enables members to interact in familiar and comfortable surroundings. Our advanced mapping features enables users to locate jobs by area, or Employers to find nearby job seekers. And our Video Resume support enables more opportunities for members to present themselves.

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PEEQ HR Australia


PEEQ HR is our flagship Human Resource and Recruiting Platform and jumping off point to other services in our eco-system: PEEQ Global Education and Training, PEEQ Aged Care and Home Care, PEEQ Telecommunications and PEEQ Financial Services. PEEQ’s brands also include Premium Travel services, e-commerce, Security and Automation.

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PEEQ Group – PEEQ Job Opportunity


The PEEQ Group is a leading provider of diversified and innovative products and services. We manage and distribute a conglomerate of brands throughout China and other global markets. The portfolio includes our own signature branded products and newly developed software and Apps for Australia, China, India and other International markets. We also manufacture and market under license several other emerging products and services.

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PEEQ Education – Online Learning Website


Using the IELTS and TOFEL test preparation courses, our range of online IT courses are designed to provide students with the best possible learning outcomes. The knowledge, skills, and certificates that our students gain from taking any of the PEEQ Education courses will enable them to achieve successful and rewarding careers.

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PEEQ Job Opportunity – Australia’s newest job site


PEEQ is the Australia’s newest job opportunity website.
You get access to Affordable Innovative Technology, to support and build your personal brand and give you the best opportunity to stand out, be noticed and succeed in the competitive employment market.

Our Interactive Job Board is changing the way you can find employment, engage with future employers, find positions suited to yourself and allow you the opportunity to reach your professional PEEQ

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PEEQ Education – Study from anywhere and at their own pace



PEEQ Education offers a wide range of online study options that would allow students to flexibly study from anywhere and at their own pace. When you study a course that is 100% online, there will be no travel involved and you will never have to visit a campus. You’ll complete and submit all of your coursework online.

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PEEQ Job Opportunity Australia


PEEQ also offers employers an interactive approach to recruitment, giving them the freedom to pre-screen suitable candidates and the opportunity to personally connect to their potential personnel at almost any time and at any location around the world.

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PEEQ is the Australia’s newest job opportunity website


PEEQ is the Australia’s newest job opportunity website.
We offer an Innovative Approach to recruitment that will allow the employer the opportunity and freedom to personally Connect with potential employees at almost any time and anywhere in the world.

Candidates and Employers – Sign up now on our website at, to start posting your resume or your job vacancy online.

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Top 5 Tips for Online Study Success


Online study is excellent for advantage.  You don’t have to turn up to a course in person.  Literally, you can study wherever and whenever it suits (e.g. on the bus or in bed).  But achieving success has its own challenges and that is where these top five tips come in.

Success in the online study is dependent on creating structure around your study efforts.  You will need to be emotionally engaged and putting in enough hours.  Obtaining good learning results — each and every study session — is also important.  For many students, not all of these things occur automatically.

By following these tips and strategies, you should be well on your way to success, however.  The tips are based on a college essay contest to get the best online study hints.  Hundreds of entries were received and we picked the most popular and enlightening pieces of advice.

  1.  Establish a Study Schedule

To examine consistently well, it’s vital to set a solid routine.  Ideally, you need to establish a study schedule early in the program, perhaps employing a weekly planner.  You want to earn the internet study a habit.

Distance courses typically don’t have regular courses that provide you a pure structure and timetable.  So you must set a routine of you to have.  It needs to fit into your lifestyle, be sustainable over the long term, and offer enough study time each week.

Even though it can be tempting, it is not smart or powerful to depart coursework until deadlines arrive.  It is tremendously important to do a little bit of work every day, just as you would in a traditional class with regular courses.

  1.  Find Your Inspiration

Students often assume online applications require less work and are easier than on-campus classes.  In fact, online classes are intended to be equally as rigorous and demanding as conventional classes.  You want to genuinely apply yourself to get through.

Australian universities typically require distance education students to cover the exact same material and sit the same examinations as everybody else.

To remain motivated — even on the bad days — keep reminding yourself of why you’re doing it.


  1.  Use the Material Provided

Online teachers often give you more stuff than you want to complete graded assignments.  You should cover it all or, at least, as much as possible in your allotted study time.

Do not run through a class with regular skipping of movies, animations, and ungraded self-assessment actions.  These are meant to assist you to achieve course learning objectives.  Even if something does not have a grade attached, it gives supplemental learning and can help you prepare for examinations.

To you give yourself every possible advantage, spend the time to research what online resources are available.  Determine just how everything works in the university’s internet environment.  Follow links to recommended websites and see if they’re useful.  Have a look at guides and tools.

  1.  Learn Actively

Learning occurs when the neurons in your brain are shooting off in a substantial way about the topic.  That is not the case when you are sitting down and watching a training course video and fretting about something else.  To learn effectively, you have to engage your mind.

Some suggestions to get your mind into gear would be to

Rewrite substance — e.g. write notes in your own words through a demonstration or for exam prep, or convert text to diagrams

Apply theories, like by answering questions, solving problems and taking old examinations

Recall information — say what you understand about a subject without using notes (in writing, internally or out loud).

Active learning demands attentiveness.  Many pupils stress the value of finding a quiet time and place to research, without any distractions.  Additionally, try to study when you are most alert (like in the morning, or early evening).


  1.  Be a Fantastic Online Communicator

When doing an internet class, you do not get the opportunity to have casual conversations with other students before class or grab the teacher after class.  So it’s necessary to adopt online communication, including email and submitting to student forums.

Great communication helps clear up issues.  Additionally, it helps keep you motivated and engaged.  If you are considerate and follow netiquette guidelines for students, there is also a great prospect of earning some online friends.

PEEQ Education

PEEQ Education is one of our newest services that provide distant, professional structured learning platforms, that can be conducted from anywhere in the world. The internet platform provides pupils with a qualified English teacher that could prepare pre-university students for their graduate level, in addition, to offer courses that match older adults to enhance their communication skills with English learning. In addition, we offer a diverse assortment of classes in I.T, finance management and much more.

Our platform utilizes the most recent technology that delivers a succinct, secure, virtual, classroom where all students can interact with the instructor and each other, for the duration of the whole course program for optimum learning results.


Employing the IELTS and TOFEL test prep courses, our assortment of online IT courses are intended to provide students with the best possible learning outcomes.

The knowledge, abilities, and certificates which our students gain from accepting some of the PEEQ Education classes will allow them to attain successful and satisfying careers.

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